On The Farm

Their passion for the Angus breed is grounded in generations of large animal farming in Maine. Owner Ray Buck’s, mother’s family still dairy farms on the same family farm that began in 1826. Ray spent summers on his paternal grandfather’s farm that brought the first Herefords into the United States in 1855 and shipped them west to breed with longhorn cattle through the late 1800's. While both families spent generations concerned with genetic improvements in their Jersey and Hereford herds they were concerned also with forage quality, technological development on their farms, managing large numbers of cattle in efficient and safe systems and herd health.


Archer Angus currently hays 200 acres under a comprehensive nutrient management system. This year Linda and Ray Buck made 1402 haylage round bales that averaged 14% protein during a very wet summer, they made high volume and high quality forage for our beef operation. They also completed a new 10,000 square foot free stall facility that included covered cattle handling, an embryo laboratory, covered calving pens and segregated calf-loafing pens. Last year they also harvested 200 embryos from their leading donors and added approximately half of their donor arsenal. Currently, Archer Angus operates at just under 100 brood animals including recipients. Next year their herd size will grow to 150 animals.


Archer Angus cooperates with other Maine farms to increase beef farming in Maine. They have taken a very active role in the Maine Beef Producers Ass., Maine BQA and MeCHAPs. They run an extensive herd health program, genetic marker typing, EPD evaluation and ultra sounding of their seed stock animals.


In short, we believe our farm has cutting-edge capability to serve our customers’ best interests.

–Ray Buck