About Us

Raymond BuckArcher Angus Is A Locally Grown Quality Maine Farm Product

  • Locally grown means freshness is not lost in a system of middle men.
  • The farmer has pasture to plate ownership of the product that reaches the consumer. Therefore, the producer has a direct link to consumer feedback to make quality improvements.
  • The economic benefit of buying local to keep food money spent in New England Agriculture and the local economy.

Archer Angus Offers

  • A Maine Black Angus and Large Black Hogs dining experience.
  • Archer Angus offers all Black Angus and Large Black Hogs all the time.
  • Archer Angus has chosen top quality female families and selectively bred to the best of breed males.
  • This genetic improvement means high marbling, large rib-eye size and excellent beef flavor.
  • Because Archer Angus is a farm to table operation we are more concerned with quality of the production than quantity of the production.

Archer Angus Manages Animal Nutrition for Great Flavor

  • Archer Angus feeds high protein quality Maine forages.
  • Archer Angus maintains excellent mineral and vitamin programs to enhance the flavor of the final beef and pork product.
  • At Archer Angus the animals find lush green pasture and fresh Maine water.
  • Finally, Archer Angus guarantees no antibiotic residues. No growth hormones, and no animal by-products fed to its beef and pork.

At Archer Angus Herd Health is Top Priority

  • Archer Angus is managed in a low density, low stress environment.
  • Archer Angus receives semi-annual vac and parasite control programs.
  • At Archer Angus, the owners have frequent daily interaction with the herd.
  • At Archer Angus the health, safety, and well being of the Black Angus Beef and Large Black Hogs is given top priority.