Archer Angus is a family operated farming enterprise. The core focus of our farm is registered Angus seedstock. We have selected breed-leading Angus from several well-known cow families. Their phenotypes, performance numbers and pedigree should speak for themselves. Beyond the more obvious growth and carcass EPDs, we place important emphasis on docility, calving ease and weaning weights that tie back to maternal traits. Archer Angus achieves rapid genetic progress through the first complete embryo transfer program in Maine. From the Archer Angus on-farm embryo transfer lab, Archer Angus will place over 200 embryos exclusively in Maine herds this year. Last year, Archer Angus placed over 100 embryos in their own on-farm recipients. As importantly, Archer Angus takes pride in progressive herd nutrition, extensive herd health programs and low stress management facilities. Whether black Angus are already your passion or you wish to learn more about the breed or our farm, we would look forward to hearing from you.

We may be reached at 207-491-0709 or by e-mail.